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Young Attractive Woman Undergoes Microde

laser treatment


Not all lasers are the same. There are a wide variety of designs, with some you can desolate the retina of the eye and with others you can cut steel plates.


I have been using soft lasers with a wavelength range between 780 and 820 nm for about 25 years. This light is invisible and therefore penetrates deeper into the tissue. I started with 50 mW lasers, which were only suitable for laser acupuncture because they had too little energy for extensive irradiation. Gradually, more powerful lasers came onto the market. I am currently working with a 7000 mW laser. Painful joints or parts of the spine can be continuously irradiated here. I systematically stroke the painful areas. Some effects have been proven for the laser: it had an anti-inflammatory effect in the tissue and improved ATP synthesis. ATP is the energy carrier in the cell. The metabolism in the tissue is also stimulated. The laser has a relaxing and pain-relieving effect on the muscles, as the body's endorphin release is also stimulated. The positive effect has been proven in studies.


As already mentioned, a special form is thelaser acupuncture. Here, however, much less energy is used.

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