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Junge Frau mit Großmutter

aesthetic medicine

Hyaluronic Acid, Botox & Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP, Vampire Lifting)

Many consider this part of medicine to be secondary, but so is art, because we don't need it e.gfor life. Nevertheless, it's nice when she's there, because she pleases. The ravages of time gnaw at our surface and beneath it. I offer some to slow down aging in general and to maintain or improve performance. These measures are also important to support natural beauty, such as anti-aging with nature-identical hormones. If we then feel better and more vital, there is nothing wrong with changing our outward appearance a bit towards youth again. It is important to me to maintain natural beauty during the "rejuvenation cure" _cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ to emphasize as much as possible and to get a charming facial expression. Excessive swelling of certain parts of the face or an unnatural paralysis of our mimic muscles, which is important for a charming charisma, should to be avoided in my opinion.

injection technique

During the interventions it is of course also necessary to cause as little pain as possible. This can be done either with particularly high-quality fine cannulas or atraumatic, ie blunt cannulas. Blunt sounds painful, but the opposite is true. The skin is only briefly punctured with a normal cannula and then the rounded cannula is passed through the opening. This atraumatic cannula practically does not injure the tissue, but gently seeks a way in which it pushes tissue structures aside and does not cut through them. This method works very well with fillers (hyaluronic acid) and PRP. When precision is very important, for example when injecting in the red-white border to emphasize the lips, thin, sharp cannulas are usually advantageous. Atraumatic cannulas must not be used for botulinum toxin, otherwise the injection cannot be made precisely enough. However, it is not necessary here either, since the punctures with botulinum toxin are relatively superficial.

Exclusively for your skin:

Platelet rich plasma (PRP, plasma therapy, vampire lifting),the booster for skin rejuvenation


Aging processes in the skin are caused by errors creeping in during cell division, which lead to tissue changes. This results in loss of volume, age spots and wrinkles. Scientists have been working for a long time to improve these processes using endogenous growth factors and stem cells. Stem cells are "basic cells" that can develop into other "mature" cells. Embryos consist only of such stem cells. They are also present in blood serum. Platelets have a similar effect. They are the main factor in wound healing and hemostasis. Unfortunately, They are only present in the blood in low concentrations Research has succeeded in extracting these cells from the blood in concentrated form - in platelet-free plasma.


The following growth factors can be detected in the PRP:


TGF-beta : promotes cell growth, formation of new vessels, extracellular matrix formation

PDGF-AB: stimulates cell growth, fibroblast chemotaxis

bFGF: stimulates fibroblasts

IGF: promotes collagen synthesis, cell proliferation, fibroblast migration

VEGF: stimulates endothelial cell proliferation and migration

EGF: promotes angiogenesis (new blood vessels), regulates extracellular matrix regeneration, stimulates fibroblast migration and regeneration

After the injection, the vital growth factors work directly. However, the concentrated platelets produce new growth factors for another 7 days. After they die, they are replaced by scavenger cells (macrophages), which support the rejuvenation of the skin with a similar function.


When platelets are activated by wounds, the release of them leads to direct and indirect tissue regeneration and wound healing. They also attract other cells such as fibroblasts, mesenchymal stem cells and leukocytes. They are also used for healing and regeneration. New collagen, elastin, new blood vessels and young cells are created.


  • Skin rejuvenation:

    • Regeneration of the skin structure

    • improvement in skin quality

    • More radiant complexion

  • Wrinkle injections:

    • Wrinkle smoothing

    • Improvement of skin tension => tightening effect

    • Strengthening of the subcutaneous tissue

  • Therapy against hair loss

    • Reduction of hair loss

    • Increased hair growth

    • Strengthening of individual hairs (increase in hair thickness)


Since special cannulas are used to inject the skin, the therapy is associated with little pain and small hematomas (bruises) only occur very rarely. The tolerability is of course excellent, since only "body's own material" is used. Atraumatic cannulas with a low risk of bruising are usually used to treat large areas of the skin. Pain is also hardly felt. The hair roots are treated with very small, thin cannulas.

Costs:the costs can be determined more precisely after a consultation. For the rejuvenation of skin areas, the costs depend on the size of the area to be treated and are around €180-360. The treatment of the hair roots to promote hair growth also depends on the effort. The costs per treatment are €240-400. 3-4 treatments are necessary and then at longer intervals, approx. every six months.

Mann, der Botox bekommt

Botox, botulinum toxin

Botox is a slang term in this country and the registered trade name for botulinum toxin in the United States. The same private is used in Germany under a different name. The therapeutic range, ie safety, is very high, since only small amounts are used in aesthetics, with a maximum of 50 units  . In neurology, up to 1500 units are injected at a time to loosen spastic muscles. But even with the small amount that is used in aesthetics, there are also therapeutic effects for some patients. So they complain less about headaches and migraines after using the preparation in the forehead area. The effect is simple: the facial muscles are paralyzed for a certain time and the wrinkles in this area become weaker or disappear. If necessary, Filler  can be used for a better optical effect.

Botulinum toxin is primarily used in the forehead and sides of the eyes to treat angry behavior, worry lines, forehead lines and crow's feet. The treatment only takes a few minutes. Side effects and risks: those skin types may experience slight, temporary redness at the injection site. In principle, an undesirable relaxation can also occur in neighboring muscle regions. However, if used correctly, the risk is very low. In principle, it is therefore not allowed to inject too close to the eye in order to avoid this undesirable side effect. It has to be taken into account that not all patients have the same tissue. Some may spread the botulinum toxin further than others. This circumstance must be taken into account for the injections. The following patients must not be treated: pregnant and breastfeeding women, patients with myasthenia gravis and patients with an allergy to botulinum toxin. Rarely does an allergy occur, which is usually not problematic, but which leads to the destruction of the botulinum toxin by antibodies. This significantly reduces the duration of action of the drug.

Duration of effect: The effect begins after a few days with the peak after approx. 14 days. The effect lasts for a total of 4-6 months.

Costs:the costs can only be determined after a discussion with the patient and individual planning. You are welcome to make an appointment for a consultation.

woman gets an injection in her face - co

Filler, hyaluronic acid injections
Hyaluronic acid is also relatively uncomplicated because it is an endogenous substance and is therefore well tolerated. Good cross-linking of the material is crucial for a long-lasting effect. As a result, the preparations become a viscous gel that lifts the wrinkles relatively permanently without being displaced by the movement of the facial expressions. This preserves  the natural facial expression and individual smile. 

It is used to correct the following wrinkles: crow's feet, frown lines, nose-labial lines, marionette lines, to improve the volume of the lips and to fill in hollow cheeks if they cause a skeletal appearance. It can also be used in the décolleté. The treatment takes about 10-30 minutes. With this treatment, I like to take the time to look closely at the results after the injection and to make any corrections if necessary. This treatment requires the most artistic talent in order to achieve the best possible result. Even if you always work very thoroughly, this type of aesthetic medicine requires absolute perfectionism in order to inject neither too much nor too little and, above all, not to create unsightly asymmetries. 

In the area of the larger folds, painless atraumatic cannulas are used to a large extent. In the area of the lips, thin, high-quality cannulas have proven their worth. After the treatment, the treated areas are cooled to quickly reduce slight swelling and to avoid bruising. The treatments should ca. be repeated every six months. With continuous therapy, the time intervals can increase.

Costs:the costs of the   treatment are partly determined by the relatively high   price of the high-quality fillers. Depending on the material used, they are between 250 and 1000 €. The treatment of the naso-labial folds costs between 250 and 460 € depending on the depth of the folds. Just make an appointment for a consultation!

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