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Akupunktur Nahaufnahme
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Concept of laser hair removal or skin re






Acupuncture is an ancient form of therapy used worldwide. This therapy was primarily developed and documented over thousands of years using the best standards in China, Korea and Japan. Traditionally, needles are inserted into defined acupuncture points to relieve pain or improve bodily function. The mechanism of action has not yet been precisely clarified. Pain therapy is based on the gate control mechanism. This means that the small pain stimuli through the needles stimulate nerves that block the transmission of pain in the brain. This relaxes the structures in the pain area. According to my observations, however, this mechanism cannot explain all the phenomena of acupuncture.


The success of acupuncture for pain can sometimes be improved by Japanese needle stimulation. These devices pass a weak current through the needles, which patients do not find uncomfortable.

Laser acupuncture

A newer form of acupuncture is laser acupuncture. I have had experience with acupuncture lasers for over 20 years. The laser can be used successfully for spinal and joint problems. By far the best effect, however, I have experienced with headaches and migraines. After a few laser treatments at weekly intervals, the symptoms disappear. The freedom from symptoms lasts for about one to two years. Then a long-term symptom-free interval can be achieved again with just a few laser therapies. Laser acupuncture can also be used on children because it is painless. Warts also often respond well to laser acupuncture. Usually 3 sessions are enough. 

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