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Holistic medicine

Naturopathic treatments and evidence-based medicine from a single source


Welcome to the private practice

dr medical Thorsten Muthorst

Doctor / naturopathic treatment / rehabilitation / classical homeopathy (GVS) / acupuncture (DÄGfA)

Dear Patient,

We would like to warmly welcome you to our practice.

For many years I have set myself the goal of treating patients holistically and preferring to use gentle but strong methods such as naturopathic treatments. The symptom often does not correspond to the disorder of a single organ. Similar to traditional Chinese medicine, it is important to look behind the scenes and treat organ systems, mind, soul and ultimately the whole person. 

With this conviction I practice in my private practice in Bad Brückenau. Before the corona crisis, I brought in my experience as Medical Director at the Bad Salzhausen Health Center  and supported medical teams in treatment in treatment centers in China and Thailand.

My entire medical knowledge and decades of experience are available to you without restriction for a targeted, holistic diagnosis and treatment in order to maintain your health or restore it as best as possible.

I was able to convey part of my treatment concept to doctors international  on further training courses in Germany, China and Thailand. I also think this is important, because I also thank the ancient doctors and healers for the treasure they left to posterity to enable humanity to heal.


My motto is:

"Good medicine needs far more than just science!"

your dr med. Thorsten Muthorst

moreon the career and medical point of view

Guide to the services offered

Holistic Medicine


with a few examples to illustrate

cardiovascular disease and arteriosclerosis

Diagnosiswith detailed determination of the personal risk profile, ECG, stress ECG, heart and vascular ultrasound, examination of lung function, oxygen saturation, vascular elasticity, heart rate variability, tensor examination


therapywith the further developed LipoPower Kur Plus, chelate fusions, herbal medicine such as hawthorn and strophanthin, if necessary optimization of the medication setting with preference for preparations with few side effects

Menopausal symptoms and antiaging

Laboratory analysis, hormone anamnesis and treatment with nature-identical hormones from the yam root according to the founders Dr. Rimkus and Dr. Flat

Also possible as remote treatment (telemedicine) after a one-time visit to the practice

Detox / Detox

Check of the detoxification performance and heavy metal pollution, if necessary detoxification with individually prescribed infusions

Lyme disease

Darkfield microscopy for Borrelia

Therapy with insulin potentiated therapy (IPT /IPTLD) and natural remedies

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, 
insomnia and burnout

Check of vital substances and stress hormones, heart rate variability, treatment with detox applications, herbal medicine, homeopathy, vital substances and coaching


Especially in the case of susceptibility to infections, prevention of viral infections and to support immune deficiencies:

In principle, some immune-stimulating substances can be taken to increase the immune system. These include vitamin C, zinc, selenium, amino acids, curcurmine. These measures are more effective in the form of infusions, because it simply "receives" better. When ingested, the body can absorb a maximum of 2 g of vitamin C. 7.5 g per infusion are easily possible. 

Mistletoe and thymus injections (thymosand treatment) and ozone therapy have also proven effective. Laboratory tests allow an analysis of the activity of the immunologically important natural killer cells.


Medicinal Plant of the Month

Close-up of the flower of Passiflora edu
Passiflora incarnata
passion flower
has a calming effect, especially on the heart, which suffers from stress reactions.
Sleep disorders, panic attacks, states of anxiety and inner restlessness, tendency to rumination, especially when the emotions result in headaches and/or heart problems.

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from abroad:

+49 9741 93 98 126


Practice address:​

Dorint Resort & Spa Bad Bueckenau

Heinrich-von-Bibra-Str. 13

97769 Bad Brueckenau

consultation hours after arrangement

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