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Concept of laser hair removal or skin re

Therapy of spinal and joint diseases

With increasing age, the joints often wear out (arthrosis). Minor accidents can damage the meniscus of the knee. Very often, however, it is not the joint itself that hurts, but the surrounding ligaments, tendons and muscles.


The spine is a highly complex structure consisting of seven cervical vertebrae, twelve thoracic vertebrae and five lumbar vertebrae. As the name suggests, these elements are arranged in a columnar manner in a harmonious curvature and counter-curvature. The intervertebral discs act as shock absorbers between the vertebral bodies. In the rear part, the vertebral bodies are each connected by two small vertebral joints. The whole thing is stabilized by ligaments and muscles. It is easy to imagine that this filigree, complex structure can easily deviate from its natural structure due to mechanical stimuli such as accidents or heavy lifting. When a disc is damaged, there is pressure on the exiting nerves and there is often pain in the area that the nerves supply, for example in the left or right leg. But the small vertebral joints can also develop arthrosis or become misjudged and thus cause pain.



Several therapy options are available:



In the case of blocked small vertebral joints or ileo-sacral joints, chirotherapy can work wonders on the spine. With a short impulse through his hands, the therapist transmits the necessary energy to release the jam. These blockages can be compared to a jammed drawer. A small tap on the right side releases the drawer so it can resume its normal function. Pain is often eliminated immediately after chirotherapy. 





Therapeutic local anesthesia


Therapeutic local anesthesia (TLA) can be used on both joints and the spine. They can also improve the success of chirotherapy. The TLA makes use of the following observation: a small painful stimulus on the spine leads to tension. This tension increases the pain, which in turn increases the tension. This vicious circle can be broken by injecting a small amount of local anesthetic, for example lidocaine 1%, into the pain area. The local anesthetic penetrates the muscles and temporarily paralyzes them. The tension disappears and the muscles are better supplied with blood and nutrients. Slimming substances can now be flushed out again and the overacidification in the area improves. This allows pain to be combated effectively. The local anesthetic only lasts about 30 minutes. However, the muscles usually remain loose for days to months over the long term. I also know of cases where the symptoms disappeared forever. Occasionally, however, this therapy has to be repeated, especially if there are mechanical stimuli, such as damage to the intervertebral discs. This therapy is almost not stressful for the patient.



Acupuncture is an ancient form of therapy used worldwide. This therapy was primarily developed and documented over thousands of years using the best standards in China, Korea and Japan. Traditionally, needles are inserted into defined acupuncture points to relieve pain or improve bodily function. The mechanism of action has not yet been precisely clarified. Pain therapy is based on the gate control mechanism. This means that the small pain stimuli through the needles stimulate nerves that block the transmission of pain in the brain. This relaxes the structures in the pain area. According to my observations, however, this mechanism cannot explain all the phenomena of acupuncture. The success of acupuncture for pain can sometimes be improved by Japanese needle stimulation. These devices pass a weak current through the needles, which patients do not find uncomfortable.

Laser acupuncture

A newer form of acupuncture is laser acupuncture. I have had experience with acupuncture lasers for over 20 years. The laser can be used successfully for spinal and joint problems. By far the best effect, however, I have experienced with headaches and migraines. After a few laser treatments at weekly intervals, the symptoms disappear. The freedom from symptoms lasts for about one to two years. Then a long-term symptom-free interval can be achieved again with just a few laser therapies. Laser acupuncture can also be used on children because it is painless. Warts also often respond well to laser acupuncture. Usually 3 sessions are enough. 

mbst liege.jpg


The MBST devices have been developed on the basis of nuclear spin tomography (MRT). The latest generation in our practice is the result of 25 years of research and development. The therapy is used for sports injuries, spinal problems and osteoarthritis (joint wear and tear) in large and small joints. The device with the couch is used for the large joints, such as shoulders, hips and knee joints as well as for the spine. The smaller Arthro-Spin--Lift is used for the smaller joints, such as elbow, hand, finger and ankle joints .More

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