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Career and medical point of view

Shaped by the way of life on the west coast of Schleswig-Holstein, after graduating from high school and doing military service, I left my hometown of Brunsbüttel and completed my medical studies in Frankfurt a. M.. I also completed my dissertation on platinum salt allergy among employees of Degussa AG in Hanau during my studies in Frankfurt a. M.

As an intern at the Bad Bramstedt Rheumatism Clinic in Schleswig-Holstein, I gained valuable experience in the diagnosis and treatment of rheumatic and orthopedic patients. At the same time, I took advantage of additional training opportunities and started with therapeutic local anesthesia and neural therapy, which are still valuable pillars in pain therapy.

I started my next job at the Spessartklinik Bad Orb, a rehabilitation clinic for cardiovascular diseases. In the 7 years I worked as a ward doctor, I looked after around 3000 patients with a wide variety of diseases. Among other things, this gave me the ability to decide, usually within the first few minutes, whether a patient really has a cardiac problem or whether there are other causes of chest pain or shortness of breath. I was trained in classic internal therapy and diagnostics such as abdominal ultrasound, cardiac ultrasound, thyroid ultrasound, Doppler sonographic vascular examinations, evaluation of ECGs, stress ECGs, long-term ECGs, lung function and emergency medicine.

However, a large proportion of patients also suffered from joint and spinal diseases, so that I was able to deepen and expand the methods I had learned in the rheumatism clinic. I completed the training in acupuncture with the conclusion of the "Diplom A" of the German Medical Society for Acupuncture (DÄGfA). At the same time, I took the first steps in homeopathy.

In the services I looked after the children's department of the Spessartklinik Bad Orb, which was occupied by about 300 children of all ages. Under the guidance of the chief physician in the children's department, I was able to gain valuable experience in paediatrics.

After my training  "Naturotherapy" I started my own private practice for holistic medicine in 2000. The aim of this practice is to treat patients individually and to achieve real prevention or cure for those suffering from acute or chronic diseases. Further qualifications followed, such as training in classical homeopathy with the world-renowned homeopath Georges Vithoulkas. In addition to the self-evident further training on conventional medical topics, my interest in further training is directed towards topics such as homeopathy, herbal medicine, energetic medicine, well-aging, therapy with nature-identical or bioidentical hormones for women and men and orthomolecular medicine. I also did training in insulin potentiation therapy (IPT or IPTLD), which allows the dose of medication with many side effects to be reduced in the case of serious illnesses by administering insulin beforehand. 

In 2012  I took over the position as chief physician at Regena Health Resort & SPA while continuing my private practice. In summer 2018 I changed the Stelle and became medical director at the Bad Salzhausen Medical Center. This medical department of a health hotel  mainly cared for patients from most Asian countries. With the corona crisis and the end of freedom to travel, the Bad Salzhausen Medical Center had to close.


gives the most pleasure me always work directly with the patient. That's why I decided to resume my full self-employment permanently. Finally, in cooperation with the Dorint Resort & Spa Bad Brückenau, I was able to set up practice rooms in the therapy building and start my independent work there. The cooperation with a large German group resulted in a good start, since the company's executives regularly carry out the extensive check-upundertake investigations. In addition to my former private patients, Asian patients have also been coming for examination and treatment for some time now. In this context, diagnostics and therapy have been significantly expanded.

In the books  "Homeopathy CM Bogers - Basics and Practice - Volume I"  and  "HPU and then ...? Complaints and illnesses as a result of pyroluria” my homeopathic analyzes and my experience reports were published.  

In the medical on-call service I was able to gain important experience in emergency medicine . From  1998 to 2008 I regularly took part in the medical on-call service in Gelnhausen, Hanau and Seligenstadt.

Even as a child, I intuitively experienced how important it is for our well-being and health to be in harmony with the elements of nature. A brief meditative immersion in the mood of a marsh landscape at dusk, the perception of gently rising fog from the depressions and ditches can mean far more for our mood and thus also for our health than the most modern computer tomographs in the world. I don't mean to say that we can do without the possibilities of modern medicine. It offers us diagnostic and therapeutic methods that would have been unthinkable 50 years ago. Nevertheless, recognizing the chances of healing in nature and being grounded are the most important prerequisites for healing and health. This traditional, archaic point of view does not have to contradict the lifestyle in modern society. Like yin and yang, which flow into one another as apparent opposites in the Taiji symbol*, both components complement each other perfectly, just like modern high-tech medicine and traditional naturopathic methods. In Far Eastern medicine, illness is fundamentally viewed as an imbalance between yin and yang. The aim of the therapeutic measures is to restore balance. Once you have studied the symbol and internalized the principles, you can perceive the interplay of yin and yang in all life processes. In my lectures in China and Thailand, I repeatedly emphasize the importance of inner balance, health and peace. For many Chinese patients in particular, who are driven internally and externally by business and the pursuit of profit, rediscovering the old paths of traditional Chinese wisdom is very important in order to be able to recognize the essentials for themselves.


On the basis of yin and yang, the wisdom of the old masters and healers of medicine and with the wealth of experience imparted to me by a few highly qualified colleagues who often became friends, I was gratefully able to pursue the goal of a comprehensive, holistic field of medicine to develop, on which modern principles of evidence-based high-tech medicine are combined with classic naturopathic and energetic healing methods for the benefit of the patient.



* Taiji Icon: 

Principle of polarity in Chinese philosophy. In the Taoist tradition, it primarily describes the unity of the complementary polarities (complementing opposites) Yin and Yang

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