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Increased heavy metal levels - background to detoxification

If the values are elevated, drainage with chelate infusions makes sense. Depending on the load, choosing the right chelating agent is important. I usually start with DMPS. EDTA should not be started if elevated mercury levels have been detected. EDTA can then move mercury into the cells (M). Some also recommend alpha lipoic acid because it enters the cell and can transport heavy metals from the cell to the DMPS. True, but in my opinion this recommendation reflects a lack of biochemical and physiological understanding: before alpha lipoic acid gets into the cell, it certainly combines with heavy metals outside the cell and drags them into the cell. There is then no longer any binding capacity for heavy metals in the cell, since it is already occupied. In the best case, alpha lipoic acid removes the heavy metal from the cell again, but then nothing is gained. However, since alpha-lipoic acid also enters into other compounds in the cell, it certainly loses heavy metals in the cell. This is problematic. That's why I only use alpha lipoic acid when heavy metals outside the cell have been sufficiently removed. With chelating agents, it is no better than with container carriers. They too sometimes lose part of their load during transport. We do detect the excreted heavy metals in the urine, but that doesn't mean that the chelating agents deliver everything in the urine. Along the way they lose heavy metals, which are then deposited somewhere. Heavy metals in particular, which are to be excreted via the intestines, can get back into the body through the intestinal wall to a large extent. To minimize these unintended pathways, additional substances such as chlorella should be given. The detoxification organs kidneys and liver should also be supported with homeopathic and herbal medicines. If all the measures are taken into account, effective detoxification can be proven, which also leads to an improvement in well-being. I was surprised myself when I treated a young woman from Angola, who was mainly exposed to mercury, with chelate infusions for 3 weeks. At the end of the therapy she not only felt much more efficient and better, but her facial expression was clearly more energetic and beautiful.


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