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IPT or also called IPTLD

IPT (Insulin Potentiation Therapy) or also called IPTLD (Insulin Potentiation Therapy Low Dose) is a very effective and gentle therapy that is used primarily for serious diseases that have been diagnosed as incurable and chronic Lyme disease. The military doctor Dr. Donato Perez Garcia discovered this unusual form of therapy in the 1930s through experiments on soldiers.

He solved the basic problem of how drugs that normally cannot penetrate the cell wall can get into the cell. The legislator forbids me to describe this in more detail about the application for diseases diagnosed as incurable. I'm allowed to use it, but I'm not allowed to inform about it. However, IPT is also used for infectious diseases such as Lyme disease or other rickettsial diseases.

The causative agents of these infections, the spirochetes, live in human cells. But how is it possible that antibiotics that are not actually cell-penetrating get into the cell? The principle is simple. The patient goes to the practice in the morning on an empty stomach. An indwelling cannula is placed in the vein. Depending on body weight and blood sugar, a certain amount of insulin is injected into the vein and blood sugar is measured regularly from then on. When the appropriate blood sugar level of around 50 mg/dl is reached, three different antibiotics are injected into the vein. It is crucial that compared to conventional therapy, only 10% -20% of the usual dose of antibiotics is injected. Glucose solution (sugar solution) is then injected and the blood sugar normalizes immediately. The patient gets breakfast to keep the blood sugar level stable and more vital substance infusions follow. The whole session lasts about 3 hours to make sure the blood sugar stays stable. The patient can then drive home by car or be driven.

But why is 10%-20%  of the usual dose sufficient?


The insulin that docks onto the insulin receptors of the infected person serves as a door opener for the antibiotics. The IPT serves here as a "bunker-breaking weapon" and leads to the destruction of the pathogens entrenched in the cells. Only a small dose of antibiotics is necessary, since the insulin ensures very effective infiltration into the cell.


Practical procedure and rules for the IPT - date:

The patient is allowed to eat until 6:00 p.m. on the evening before the IPT. In the morning the patient appears sober. Unsweetened beverages such as tea, water or tea may be drunk without limit. The IPT can be started and the patient is given breakfast.  Here it is exceptionally not important to ensure a healthy breakfast, since the patient is consuming easily available carbohydrates such as bread rolls during the IPT should take to stabilize blood sugar. The patient should inform us of intolerances, such as gluten, so that we can take this into account at breakfast.

Legal notice:

The IPT originated from empirical medicine and the statements are not considered scientific statements. The justifications are only intended to explain the hypothetical mechanisms that correspond to the many years of experience of physicians practicing IPT. The therapy is always carried out as part of an individual healing attempt.

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