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Headache migraine

There are many different types of headaches and manifestations of migraines. The diagnostic possibilities are very limited. Therefore, the collection of the medical history is particularly important here, since the greatest therapeutic consequences follow from this. Occasionally, the symptoms can also arise on the basis of HPU, mitochondrial disease, MCS or food allergies. In the case of food allergies, this is a special form of allergy, since there are no other allergic symptoms apart from the pain. Therefore, in this case, it would be better to speak of a sensitivity. The laboratory diagnostics for these four special cases can therefore be important if the anamnesis indicates it. Therapy can include both avoidance of triggers and laser therapy.

The physical examination, especially of the spine, also plays a role, of course. With the tensor, finer energetic disturbances in the spine and in the area of the eyes and teeth can be analyzed. I examined a patient with alleged trigeminal neuralgia with the tensor and found an interference field in the area of the upper left. canines. He said that everything had already been clarified by the dentist and was found to be normal. I advised him to get a second opinion. The second dentist found something at the root of the tooth and treated it. From then on, the alleged tragus neuralgia had disappeared. In such a case of an interference field, no naturopathic therapies, such as laser acupuncture, are effective. Pain medication works, but it is a poor solution that is distressing for the patient.


Patients often believe that the pain starts from the neck, as the neck is often painful and tight with a headache and massage seems to improve the headache. In fact, that is occasionally the case. Changes in the spine are not always the cause. However, the neck often becomes tense reactively at the onset of the headache. This can be triggered, for example, by foods to which the patient is sensitized or foods containing histamine, such as chocolate, cheese or red wine. Glutamate and the sweetener aspartem can also be triggers. Many headache and migraine sufferers also react to alcohol. However, since they don't want to do without alcohol completely at every celebration, I gave the tip to try it with distilled spirits in diluted form. These patients were mostly symptom-free when drinking orange juice/gin or whiskey/soda. This is because the high-proof alcohol is relatively pure as a result of the distillation, while beer and wine still contain a relatively large amount of fusel alcohol and other harmful substances. I have the suspicion that these patients have a mild detoxification disorder in which pure alcohol is still tolerated. In general, even non-sensitive patients can experience headaches in the morning after drinking alcohol in the evening, since the liver first breaks down the drinking alcohol ethanol and then detoxifies the fusel alcohol methanol. After the phase 1 detoxification, even more toxic intermediate products can occur in the case of methanol, which then only trigger the headache until the methanol has also been completely broken down. the quality of the drunk alcohol is decisive for this.

Stress is also a known trigger for the symptoms. Occasionally, even a blood pressure check can uncover the cause. During my time as an assistant doctor in a rehabilitation clinic, a patient was admitted who had been suffering from headaches for many weeks. The cause was unknown. Upon admission, I found my blood pressure to be 240/120. I immediately started adjusting the blood pressure and the patient was free of symptoms after two days.

Migraine sufferers are often very orderly, sometimes pedantic characters with high expectations of themselves. They lack a feeling for their own organism and they miss the moment when they should take a step back and take a break. Body, mind and soul then react with a forced break in the form of a migraine. They can't be very lazy and need order in their lives. As a result, mild stressors can trigger the pain. It is often enough for migraine sufferers to deviate from their usual habits and sleep longer than usual at the weekend, for example. These patients regularly report about the classic migraine at the weekend.

In women, headaches or migraines often occur at the beginning of the menstrual period. The administration of nature-identical progesterone can often help here.

Distinguishing between migraines and traditional headaches is not always easy. However, there are a few tips for distinguishing between the two symptoms. If the pain improves with movement, outdoors if possible, it is a headache and not a migraine, since the latter can be relieved by rest and a darkened room. A dull and aching ache is more indicative of a traditional headache, while migraine sufferers suffer from throbbing pain and a "vise" feeling. With migraines there is also more sensitivity to noise or light and there are often precursors to a migraine attack such as tiredness, cravings, difficulty concentrating. In extreme cases, the so-called aura occurs in some people. It is a vision disorder in which a jagged bright ring appears in the field of vision.

The therapy

Up to 200 different types of headache are distinguished in science. The patient's complaints cannot be classified that precisely in practice. Fortunately, in its evolution, nature has never considered classification by scientists. With my method of treatment, the distinction between migraines and conventional headaches is not even important.

As I said, I value a thorough medical history. This is also not concluded at the first contact. During the treatment I keep asking if and under what conditions headaches have occurred. It is important to avoid the triggers. However, there is a very simple and effective treatment option: the laser. Certain acupuncture points are irradiated one after the other for a few seconds. Some patients respond to the treatment very early, sometimes even after the first session. Some require six sessions. I recommend a total of ten sessions at weekly intervals. Although I have been doing laser acupuncture for over 20 years, the quick and long-lasting success never ceases to amaze me. The freedom from symptoms after ten laser therapies is about one or two years, depending on the patient. The patients are usually symptom-free during this period. For an inexplicable reason, the symptoms then reappear and the patient is pain-free again after a few sessions for the period specific to him. I have never seen such a strong effect on headaches and migraines with needle acupuncture. Russian scientists discovered that the laser light is propagated in our nerve fibers up to a distance of 1 m, similar to the glass phaser cable. But that only shows me that there is a lot that is unclear about the mechanism of action. Fortunately, the knowledge is unimportant for the effect.

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