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Guide to the services offered

This guide is intended to help you get a quick overview. Simply listing the diagnostic and therapeutic measures is not enough. You would certainly like to get an idea of how a specific clinical picture can be treated. So I created different directories.


First of all, you can find out about the diagnostics, because some already know what they want in this regard. Then I made a list of diagnoses that fit into my treatment spectrum. The following is a list of the therapy devices that are used for various diagnoses. You will then find the main areas of treatment. Of course, more clinical pictures are treated than shown there. The diagnostics and therapy are always carried out individually in a wide variety of combinations to suit the symptoms. This can only be coordinated with you personally in a doctor's consultation, also from the point of view ofcost limitation

Some of the areas mentioned are well known, such as heart disease, and others are less well known and often fall through the diagnostic screens, such as cryptopyrroluria, MCS or mitochondropathy. These descriptions can provide information to patients who were occasionally classified as psychosomatic or psychiatric cases due to a lack of competent diagnostics. Here I have roughly described diagnostics and therapy without claiming to be complete. Also, these concepts should not be interpreted too rigidly, as after the consultation with the doctor one may deviate from the scheme in one point or another. 

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