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papimi devices are among the most powerful ion induction therapy devices in the world.

The device is based on the principle of ion induction. The mechanism of action of induced, pulsed electromagnetic oscillations influences the entire organism and also has a targeted influence on certain complaints. The effectiveness lies above all in the high inductive power of the magnetic fields, the rapid frequency modulation and the enormous power. The device is subject to a worldwide patent and corresponds to the original according to Prof. Dr. Pappas. The approach of this therapy begins in the cell. If the cell is damaged or weakened, the production of energy from the nutrients is disturbed. This leads to inflammation, often accompanied by chronic pain and malfunctions, which result in chronic diseases. Papimi strengthens cells weakened by induction therapy and promotes the breakdown of cells that are in danger of degenerating. The penetration depth of the magnetic waves is up to 25 cm. This also explains why the effect is so diverse and can have a beneficial effect on a wide variety of complaints and clinical pictures.

The indication:


papimi therapy is often used for the following diseases:

  1. Wear and tear (arthrosis) of the joints, e.g. B. in hip, knee, foot and ankle joints or in shoulder and elbow, hand and finger joints

  2. Bone defects in poorly healing bone fractures (pseudarthrosis)

  3. Back pain with arthrosis of the small vertebral joints and wear and tear of the intervertebral disc

  4. Complaints of the ligaments, e.g. B. Tendon Insertion Discomfort

  5. Numerous sports injuries for faster tissue regeneration and healing

  6. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

  7. tinnitus and hearing loss

  8. dementia

  9. liver diseases

  10. gastritis

  11. kidney diseases

  12. intestinal diseases

  13. heart diseases

  14. adrenal fatigue

  15. thyroid disorders

  16. prostate diseases

  17. Uterine and ovarian diseases

  18. endometriosis

  19. immune deficiencies

  20. Wound healing disorders

  21. bronchial asthma

  22. burnout

  23. fibromyalgia

  24. facial pain

  25. shingles

  26. Headache migraine

  27. Morbus Parkinson                                                 Image source: Papimi Headquarters, MTG Medizinisch-Technische Geräte GmbH 

  28. Tooth inflammation, tooth abscess

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papimi Zelle klein.png

The treatment takes place clothed while sitting or lying down with different coils or with the help of the magnetic field mat. The duration of therapy is between six and 20 minutes, depending on the clinical picture.
Contraindications (exclusion):
Therapy is not possible with implanted devices such as cardiac pacemakers, ICD (defibrillators), cochlear implants, magnetically controllable valves for shunts, large ring-shaped implants.

Before use, the following items must be stored away from the magnetic fields: all types of magnetic cards such as bank cards, cell phones of all types, electronic car keys and other electrical devices.

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