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Multiple Chemical Sensitivity or Multiple Chemical Syndrome (MCS)

english: Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

MCS is based on a genetically determined detoxification disorder. Those affected are highly sensitive to chemical stimuli, such as paint and solvent exhaust fumes, cigarette smoke or fragrances. Healthy people usually do not even notice the low-concentration chemical substances that trigger the symptoms in MCS patients. Symptoms may be accompanied by anxiety or panic. This often leads to healthy people assessing MCS sufferers as mentally ill. Unfortunately, this is often done by doctors who are not familiar with the clinical picture.


The symptoms are complex. There are different symptoms of different severity: chronic exhaustion, difficulty concentrating, memory disorders, dizziness, anxiety disorders, depression, nausea, headaches and migraines, muscle weakness and pain, water retention, sensitivity to smells, loss of performance, skin and mucous membrane problems.


The chemically triggering stimuli can be: building materials in the apartment, wall and floor coverings, paints, varnishes or formaldehyde from furniture, dental materials, cleaning agents, mold, food additives, alcohol, medicines and anesthetics.

As a rule, these patients also suffer from increased electrosensitivity. i.e. Electrical fields from mobile phone masts, mobile phones, WLAN or high-voltage pylons can also trigger symptoms.

Diagnosis of MCS

Therapy of MCS

The psychic aspect

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