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The tensor investigation

What does the tensor test measure?

This is an examination of the energetic system of the organism. Our body is surrounded by an aura. This thesis is not spiritual speculation, but a fact. The biochemical processes of the organs form an electrical field and the sum of the individual fields results in the aura around our body.


How is it measured?

Basically, the 7 main chakras (crown chakra, forehead chakra, throat chakra, heart chakra, solar plexus chakra, sacral chakra, root chakra) are measured, as they are known from Indian medicine. The energies of the assigned organs add up in the chakras and the chakra measurement serves as a first overview.

The special method of adrenal measurement

A special variant of the tensor examination that I have developed for myself,  , is stroking down the measuring probe from the neck to the cross parallel to the spine. During the measurement, the tensor vibrates continuously - the vibration changes in the area of disturbed organs (often in the area of the adrenal gland). The circular vibration abruptly changes to an elliptical vibration, and in severe cases even to a linear vibration. Once this disturbed area has been passed, the oscillation suddenly becomes circular again.

Why is the signal degraded so often in the adrenal glands? The adrenal glands are our stress organs. They produce many hormones and also the stress hormones cortisone, adrenaline and noradrenaline. When a patient has a lot of stress, they use up a lot of the stress hormones. The adrenal gland is then overwhelmed and a disturbed tensor signal occurs. The cell-specific therapy then also improves the function of the adrenal gland and the tensor signal.

The disturbed adrenal function can also be determined indirectly by examining the heart rate variability.

Other organs can also interfere with the tensor signal on the measured line. For example, the heart can also interfere with the signal on the back. However, this only confirms the result of the front side, which is usually examined first. Like radiation, the heart's pathological signal spreads to the front and back of the body.


The special testing of homeopathic remedies and herbal tinctures: 

Homeopathic remedies, herbal tinctures and food can also be tested with the help of the tensor examination, since the information content is transferred directly to the measurement of the chakra if the patient only holds the sample in his hand. Since many homeopathic or herbal remedies can always be used for complaints such as sleep disorders, the tensor is a good tool for narrowing down the remedies, especially if this is not possible by questioning the patient carefully.


aim of the investigation

By means of a tensor examination, the weak points of the body can be detected and at the same time the most effective homeopathic remedies or herbal tinctures can be determined individually.  


Critical consideration of the tensor investigation or "just all hocus pocus?"

Opinions differ on this investigation. Many patients view the examination critically, as did I at first. I was able to convince myself of the reliability. In particular, patients who are very scientifically oriented do not consider the tensor examination to be reliable. A scientific criterion is, among other things, the reproducibility of a test. The criterion is only half met. Although I get the same results with repeated measurements, reproducibility also means that the result is independent of the examiner. And that is not the case. Another examiner may not be able to perform the test. It is therefore reproducible, but only by a specific examiner. Unlike in kinesiology (testing with the help of a patient's muscle strength), there is no exhaustion within the measuring system. As the saying goes: "He who measures, measures crap". That's not wrong at all. For example, if you want to determine the temperature in a glass of water with a mercury thermometer, this is not strictly scientifically possible, because you influence the water temperature with the temperature of the thermometer and do not determine the temperature that you wanted to measure. Other measuring instruments do not affect the object to be measured. A non-contact infrared thermometer and an ECG do not affect the reading. However, the ECG can also affect the pulse if the patient finds the examination exciting. 


An elderly engineer once came to me complaining of trigeminal neuralgia in the left cheek area. Everything has been clarified and nobody can help him. He nevertheless allowed the tensor examination. At one point on the left upper jaw, the signal became disharmonic. I then advised him to see a dentist again to have it clarified. When he came back to me after a while, he wanted another tensor examination. The signal was now normal. He reported seeing another dentist who found and extracted an abscessed tooth. Since then he has been joke-free and convinced of the tensor. With a real trigeminal neuralgia I could not have found a cause on the teeth with the tensor. A doctor from Thailand asked me for advice. She was treating a patient with Kennedy's disease. This is an inherited disease that slowly leads to paralysis. The patient suffered from paralysis on the right thigh and she had also treated this area without success. I scanned the area with the tensor without noticing a disturbance. However, when I examined the upper cervical spine and the back of the head, I did find a disorder. This was obviously the cause of the paralysis and I advised the doctor to treat this area from now on.


Pain in the leg, which occurs as neuralgia in the case of spinal disc damage, can also be well clarified with a tensor. In that case, the signal over the pain area will be inconspicuous. But then a disturbed signal occurs at the intervertebral disc. This is where pressure on the nerve causes pain to be transmitted.


In fact, you need a certain aptitude for the tensor. You don't have to be a doctor for this, because that's not relevant because the qualification cannot be obtained through a university degree. You just need the gift and that's where I was lucky. Do I think I'm particularly gifted? Not! There are a lot more talented than me. Some dogs are way better at that than me. You don't even need a tensor! For example, they nudge a child in the family just before they have an epileptic fit so that they lie down and don't get hurt. I also read the report of a patient with drop attacks. Out of the blue, the patient suddenly lost consciousness and fell to the ground. Only a dog could recognize this in advance and urge the man to lie down beforehand. I also had a patient with drop attacks and the other doctors treating me, like me, couldn't find a cause. The fundamental question arises as to whether the cause lies in arrhythmias of the heart or in a type of epilepsy. If there are no heartbeats, which often cannot be diagnosed due to their rare occurrence, a pacemaker could help. In my opinion, this would not be noticeable even by the dog in advance. So if the dog perceives it, something in the sense of epilepsy must be brewing in the brain and we can regard the dog as a highly sensitive EEG with an early warning system. Dogs can also diagnose black skin cancer better than the dermatologist. And if you allow me to digress again at this point: Sea turtles in the South Seas swim to a certain island where mating takes place once a year at a certain time. Underwater they swim up to 3000 km without GPS and clock and all just in time, an unimaginable feat. And now you know why I don't think animals are stupid and see myself as just a tiny magician's apprentice compared to them with my tensor.  

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